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Dear Members of the JU Academic Community,

with reference to the adjustment of the JU information processing system to provisions of the Regulation of the Minister of Finances of 7 January 2022 (Polish Journal of Laws of 2022 item 28), we kindly inform you that advances for income tax from remunerations and benefits paid by the Jagiellonian University will be calculated under rules stipulated by the aforementioned act.

We inform you that the Regulation provides for appliance of rules for calculating advances for income tax specified therein regarding each month in which employee’s total incomes will not exceed PLN 12.800. In these months in which employee’s incomes exceed PLN 12.800, provisions of the Regulation shall not be applied.

This particularly means that in these months in which employee’s income does not exceed PLN 12.800, monthly advances for income tax from remunerations paid by the University will be deducted in the amount lower than it would result from rules of the so-called Polish Deal (as advance for income tax calculated under new rules would be higher than the advance calculated in accordance with regulations applicable in the last year).

Appliance of provisions of the Regulation may result in the obligation of payment of additional tax by an employee in the annual return concerning 2022, as these provisions do not provide for changes as regards rules for calculating the amount of total tax burden for 2022.

We also inform you that there is a possibility of resigning from application of provisions of the aforementioned Regulation and thus obliging the payer to calculate advances only under new rules. In some cases (mainly refers to persons who filed a motion for non-appliance of the ‘relief for middle class’), it should decrease the risk of occurrence of significant differences between the sum of advances deducted during the year by the University and the outcome of an annual settlement concerning the whole 2022 year.

A motion for non-appliance of the Regulation may be however filed solely by employees who did not submit in the University the PIT-2 statement (i.e. those employees towards whom the Jagiellonian University does not apply the 1/12 of the amount decreasing the tax, i.e. PLN 425 a month). The resignation must be in writing and the model motion can be found on

Yours faithfully,

Centre for Personnel Affairs




Download files:

MOTION for non-extending the time limits for collection and transfer of tax advances