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Faculty members

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On the strength of Article 113 of the Law on higher education and science a candidate for a faculty member

            1. should have qualifications specified in the law and in the University statute

2. have not been subject to any disciplinary penalties specified in Article 276, Paragraph 1, Point 7 and 8 of the said law

            3. meets the requirements set in Article 20, Paragraph 1, Point 1-3 of the said law

Faculty members are employed in the capacity of a teacher, a researcher, or both.

Since 01.10.2018 the only mode of employing a faculty member is  the employment contract.

The first employment contract can be offered for a permanent position or a temporary one for four years.

The first employment contract offered for a permanent position or for a temporary one longer than three months that exceeds half of the amount of hours set for full-time employment  can be signed upon the candidate’s first entering an open competition (see competition)

Upon receiving a positive job appraisal, the faculty member may be offered  a permanent contract without first entering an open competition.

The faculty member’s responsibilities are set in his/her job description and duties set by his/her overseer (see documents for downloading below).

A faculty member invited to participate in a project may be offered a full-time or part-time  job contract and in such a case the requirement of offering a job contract for four years does not apply. Likewise, the requirement specified in Article 25 of the Labour Code on the length of the contract signed for a set period between the same contracting parties that cannot exceed 33 months and the maximum number of such contracts signed within the said time span must be no more than three does not apply.


Article 25 of the Labour Code also does not apply in the case of a retired faculty member, for whom the Jagiellonian University is not the primary employer and who  is offered employment for a specific period of time on the strength of the first, four-year-long job contract.

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2. Personal Data Processing Information For Job Applicants
3. Personal Data Processing Information For Employees
4. Personal Data Form For The Person Applying For Employment
5. Employee Personal Data Form
6. Statement on the main/additional place of employment
7. Declaration on intellectual property management and commercialisation
8. Declaration pursuant to Art. 113 of the Act of July 20, 2018, Law on Higher Education and Science
9. Statement on the anti-mobbing procedure at the Jagiellonian University​
10. Statement on the Lack of Marriage or Blood Relation beetwen Employees who Remain In Close Professional Relations 
11. Statement on the Marriage or Blood Relation between Employees who Remain in Close Professional Relations

12. Statement on the Additional Remuneration for the Duration of Service
13. Statement on the Inclusion of a Child/a Member of the Family in Health Insurance
14. Bank account
15. Statement on the Tax ID 
16. Tax Form PIT-2 
17. Job Description:


1. Cover letter

2. CV

3. Photocopy of School Graduation Certificates

4. Photocopy of BA, MA, Ph.D. or Doctor Habilitated Diplomas

5. Photocpies of Certificates of Previously Held Jobs

7. Photocopies of Completed Training Courses

8. Photocopy of Completion of Doctoral Study Programme

The originals should be submitted to the copies of the above-mentioned documents in order for the employee of the Human Resources Department to confirm their compliance with the original.

A By-Law No 144 of the Jagiellonian University Rector on university identity cards (excluding Medical College)